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Chick Hicks is a race car that sponsors Hostile Takeover Bank. He is always trying to beat Lightning McQueen in a race. In the game, he wanted to take over Radiator Springs.

He first appears in the cut-scene for Sprint 1 where his Racing Academy crashes some members of the Doc Hudson Racing Academy. Then he appears, telling Lightning McQueen that he and some of his friends are here to win the Race-O-Rama series, and to shut down the Doc Hudson Racing Academy, then everyone would want to come to his school, where they will probably learn to cheat. He also says that when he wins, Mater will have to tow him out of town in shame, and Radiator Springs will belong to him!

He then appears in the cut-scene for Candice's Glam Tour, where he introduces Candice to Lightning and Flo. He then introduces El Machismo to Lightning and Sarge in the cut-scene for Match-Up. In the end-scene, El Machismo gets angry and asks Chick for bigger everything, then Chick says that not even he is that much of a sore loser. Then in the cut-scene for Stinger's Stir Up, he introduces Stinger to Lightning and Ramone. In the end-scene, Chick gets angry at Stinger for losing the race, and calls him a steel brain of a worthless bucket of bolts. He then asks what he has to say for himself, but he just drives away. Then Chick said that he still has some surprises for Lightning, including his plans for Radiator Springs.

Then in the cut-scene for Chick Hicks Showdown, he appears all modified with all of the modifications that Lightning used, but Lightning got some new modifications too. Then he tells Lightning that he was just using Candice, Stinger, El Machismo and the VINs to learn how to beat him. Then in the end-scene, he gets so angry about losing. Lightning tries to teach him a lesson, but Chick didn't listen, and he drove off saying he will get revenge.