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Guido Kart is an event type in Cars: Race-O-Rama.


Guido Kart Races are played as smaller cars on small tracks. Unlike other events, the boost meter does not refill by itself, but there are power-ups to collect along the track:

  • Ghost: Upon collecting this power-up, the car is temporarily given the ability to drive through the other cars and various objects along the track. It cannot be used, however, to drive through barriers and off the track.
  • Smoke Screen: A big cloud of smoke comes out from behind the car, making it hard for the other cars behind them to see.
  • Turbo Charge: The car's boost meter is refilled and the car may use the boost from it until it empties.
  • Speed Boost: The car's boost meter is refilled and all the boost is used up automatically. Any remaining boost the car had from Turbo Charge prior to collecting Speed Boost does not get reinstated.

In Story Mode, each race is played as Guido, but there are other characters to play as in Arcade Mode.


Name Laps Location
Guido Kart Race 1 5 Radiator Springs Speedway
Guido Kart Race 2 3 Rustbucket
Guido Kart Race 3 5 Santa Carburera
Guido Kart Race 4 5 Autovia
Guido Kart Race 5 5 Radiator Springs
Guido Kart Race 6 5 Ornament Valley
Guido Kart Race 7 5 Motoropolis
Guido Kart Race 8 5 Tailfin Pass
Guido Kart Race 9 5 Radiator Springs Speedway

Playable charactersEdit


  • These are the only events in which the boost meter does not refill.

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