Mater the Greater

Event type

Cars Toons


Radiator Springs



Played as

Daredevil Mater



Gold Event

6 / 27




Smash Up 1


Road Race 1


1 = Not on the PlayStation 2
2 = New location
3 = Next Gold Event

Mater the Greater is a Cars Toon and the sixth Gold Event in Cars: Race-O-Rama.

The GameEdit

Mater is placed on top of a big ramp at one side of Carburetor Canyon and has to go down it with a rocket strapped to him. The player must guide Mater down the ramp without hitting the sides. The longer he stays away from the wall, the more speed he gets and the more points the player get. The top speed is 266 mph.

Next, Mater drives off the ramp and jumps over the canyon. The player has to try to keep Mater in the air by following the instructions given. If not done, Mater loses flight.

Finally, they have to try to land Mater in the center of the target. The closer to the center he lands, the more points the player earns earn.

After Mater lands, Mia and Tia will congratulate Mater.


"Jumping Carburetor Canyon is a risky stunt, but that giant rocket strapped to your roof should help. Navigate the ramp, while in the air, complete gestures to perform a stunt. then land on the bull's-eye as best as you can. Good luck and happy landings! Score (easy mode): 3000 = Gold, 2000 = Silver, 1000 = Bronze/Score (medium mode): 4500 = Gold, 3500 = Silver, 2500 = Bronze."

Stunt Mater TutorialEdit

"Are you ready for the greatest stunt ever? Travel down the jump. Steer left and right to stay in the middle. While in the air, complete gestures to perform a stunt. Then, aim for the center of the target as you approach the landing."

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