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Mini Games is an event type in Cars: Race-O-Rama


Mini Games offer the player a chance to take a break from racing play as other characters in Story Mode, such as chasing speeders as Sheriff or finding tires as Luigi.

Auto CrossesEdit

Auto Crosses require the player to complete a short point-to-point track under a specific time. If they hit the wall, 0.5 seconds is added to their time. If they knock down a cone, 2 seconds are added. Also, jumping is not allowed. The trophy the player earns depends on how quickly they complete the track.


Name Location Gold Event
Auto Cross 1 Radiator Springs Speedway No
Auto Cross 2 Radiator Springs No
Auto Cross 3 Santa Carburera No
Auto Cross 4 Ornament Valley No
Auto Cross 5 Autovia No
Auto Cross 6 Tailfin Pass No
Auto Cross 7 Motoropolis No
Luigi's Tire Find 1 Radiator Springs No
Mack Track Challenge Radiator Springs Speedway 2 / 27
Sheriff's Chase Radiator Springs No
Tractor Stampede Radiator Springs No

Playable CharactersEdit

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