Monster Truck Races
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Monster Truck Races is an event type in Cars: Race-O-Rama.


Monster Truck Races have the player race as beefed-up looking monster trucks. In Story Mode, all races are played as Monster McQueen and the opponents are always Monster Mater, Sulley, Count Spatula, The Crippler and Ginormous. Count Spatula and Ginormous are left out on the PlayStation 2 version of the game.


Name Location Gold Event
Monster Truck Mayhem 1 Rust Bucket No
Monster Truck Mayhem 2 Rust Bucket 11 / 27
Monster Truck Mayhem 3 Radiator Springs 17 / 27
Monster Truck Mayhem 4 Autovia No
Monster Truck Mayhem 5 Ornament Valley No

Playable CharactersEdit

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

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Monster Truck Races
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