Sprint 1

Event type

Circuit Race


Radiator Springs Speedway



Played as

Lightning McQueen


Doc Hudson Student 1
Doc Hudson Student 21
Doc Hudson Student 31
Chick Hicks Student 1
Chick Hicks Student 2
Chick Hicks Student 31
Chick Hicks Student 41

Gold Event

1 / 27






Radiator Springs Speedway2
Mack Track Challenge3
Guido Kart Race 1
Auto Cross 1
Photo Op 1


1 = Not on the PlayStation 2
2 = New location
3 = Next Gold Event

Sprint 1 is a Circuit Race in Cars: Race-O-Rama. It is the first Gold Event and the first event the player plays when they first enter Story Mode.


(The camera shows a view of Radiator Springs Speedway)
Troy Brakeman: "Hey, there, race fans! Troy Brakeman here welcoming you to Radiator Springs Speedway, where Lightning McQueen and the Doc Hudson Racing Academy team are taking on all the challengers in the modifying round for the Race-O-Rama series trophy!"
(During Troy's announcement, we see Chick Hicks Student 1 trying to pass Lightning, but Lightning manages to hold the lead. Next, the racers drift around a curve and the screen turns black)
Lightning McQueen: "Time to show them what a precisional instrument of speed and aerodynamics can do!"
(The racers race over a checkered flag with the Cars-Race-O-Rama logo on it. Then the camera goes up to show the logo)
Lightning McQueen: "(...) lightning strike. Ka-chow!"


"Welcome to the big time, kid. Here's the breakdown. Go really fast, but don't get too squirrely out there. Place within the top 3 for a Trophy."


(As the race was finishing, Lightning notices that Chick Students 1 and 2 bumped Doc Students 1 and 2 into the wall.)
Troy Brakeman: "Oh, a horrific crash!"
(Chick's Students stop right in front of Lightning)
Lightning McQueen: "You know, that's not how we do things around here! Who taught you to race like that?"
(Chick's Students move to let Chick Hicks show up.)
Chick Hicks: "Ka-chicka! Ka-chicka!"
Lightning McQueen: "Chick Hicks!"
Chick Hicks: "That's right! Me and some of my friends are here to win the Race-O-Rama series and shut down your "pathetic" Doc Hudson Racing Academy."
(Candice, Stinger and El Machismo appear behind Chick.)
Chick Hicks: "Then, every car in the world would want to come to my school: the Chick Hicks Racing Academy, where they will learn from this:... ME! Ah, ha, ha! Oh, and uh, Lightning? When we're through, your gap-tooth buddy Mater will have to tow you out of town in shame, 'cause Radiator Springs will be mine! ALL MINE!"
Lightning McQueen: "You call what they were doing out there racing? Well, we call it cheating and cheating never got anybody anywhere."
Chick Hicks: "Oh, come on. Everybody knows that nice cars finish last."
Lightning McQueeen: (rolls his eyes and scoffs) "In your dreams, 'Thunder'."
Chick Hicks: "What are you talking about 'Thunder'?"
Lightning McQueen: "Well, you know, because thunder always comes after... Lightning! Yeah!"
Chick Hicks:"Why do I always fall for that?"


  • This is the only Circuit Race in Radiator Springs Speedway to be only 2 laps long. All the others are 3 laps.

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