Stinger's Stir Up is the 22nd Gold Event in Cars Race-O-Rama.


Chick Hicks and one of his friends drove up to Lightning McQueen and Ramone. "Hey, Lightning," said Chick. "I want to introduce you to one of my new friends: this is Stinger." "If I were you," said Lightning. "I'd choose my friends more carefully." Then he looked at Stinger. "Uh, how is it going?" But instead of saying something, Stinger revved his engine. "Oh, the strongest silent type, huh," said Ramone. "We get it. A little cliche, but we get it, man." "Look out behind you, Lightning," said Chick. "He may not talk much, but Stinger's skills on this track speak loud and clear." Then Chick drove away and Stinger lined up at the Starting line.

The RaceEdit

In this race, you're as Lightning McQueen, and you're racing 5 laps around Motoropolis City. On the PlayStation 2, your opponents are Stinger, Ramone and 1 VIN. On the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii, your opponents are Stinger, Ramone, and 5 VINs. Place in the top 3 ahead of Stinger to win.


Chick Hicks drove up to Stinger, and he was very mad at him. "You call yourself a muscle car?" he said. "More like a steel brain of a worthless bucket of bolts!" Then Stinger got angry and revved his engine. "Well, what do you have to say for yourself?" said Chick. But Stinger didn't say anything. Instead, he drove away. "Smile now," said Chick. "Go ahead. But just wait, I still got some surprises for you, including our plans for Radiator Springs."

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