Tater and Tater Jr.

Tater on the left and Tater Jr. on the right.

Tater and Tater Jr. started out as friends of Bubba, but they reformed and became friends of Mater in the end.

Role in GameEdit

They first appear in the cut-scene for Smash Up 1 when Bubba reintroduces themselves. When Bubba told them to say hello, and then called them boys, they said "Hello, boys!" Tater is in the race, but not Tater Jr..

In the cut-scene for Smash Up 2, Mater, Tater, and Tater Jr. all realize that their names rhyme. So then they went to find more things that rhyme with their names.

They later appear in the cut-scene for Monster Truck Mayhem 3, they tell Mater that they're so happy, because they're gonna get all the towing rights to Radiator Springs, or at least that's what Bubba told them. Then Mater tells them that they're gonna have fun. They told them some cars who live here, Flo, Ramone, Sarge, Fillmore, then he realizes that he's a tow truck, and has a dilema.

They also appear in the end-scene for Bubba's Bucket Bash, where they said they had fun in the race. Bubba got angry at them, and called them morons. They told him that they made a new friend, and their new friend won, and since they're names rhyme, it's almost like they won too! That made Bubba angry, so he drove off saying that he will get revenge. They still remain friends with Mater.


  • They both have the same paint jobs, except all of Tater's paint jobs have a black hat, and Tater Jr.'s has white hats.

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